Have you checked out the new Karate Kid?

It took all of five minutes, but The Karate Kid is already chopping its way back to the box office.

A sequel to The Karate Kid remake is in the works, Deadline said Wednesday. According to Hollywood informants, Sony Pictures is on the hunt for writers to pen a follow-up to the family-friendly film — which features Jaden Smith as a bullied American boy in Beijing and the kung fu master who teaches him discipline and the skills to believe in himself. The movie is a modern-day reworking of 1984’s The Karate Kid, which became a cult classic and launched the career of a then unknown Ralph Macchio.

The studio has been lassoed into the idea of a Karate Kid sequel after seeing the revamp — which cost $40 million to produce — pull in an impressive $56 million at the North American weekend box office, trumping The A-Team spinoff, which took in just $27 million.

It’s stil unclear whether Smith, Chan, or director Harald Zwart will be back for the second installment. The Karate Kid sequel could be just the beginning of a full-fledged reboot of the original series, which produced three sequels — including one featuring future Oscar winner Hillary Swank.

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