Recently the TMZ reported that the lady, Kate Gosselin, mother of 8 children and also a reality TV star of the Dancing with the Stars had been kicked off from the show but her new show ‘Kate Plus 8’ has been approved of by the department. Looks like the things once again have started beginning to work for this star.

The ‘Kate Plus 8’ by the TLC will have Gosselin along with her eight kids to star alongside as the Pennsylvania labor department has agreed to it. The Pennsylvania’s Department of Labor permitted them because of the reality TV star’s brother’s testimony witnessing how Gosselin’s kids were infected by the ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’.

According to the testimony, the kids didn’t get the privacy when the couple’s first show was being taped and also the producers spoofed them. However, the TLC did not agree with it and considered the allegations to be inaccurate and spurious.

Though, the Labor department did not register a case in opposition to its producer but demanded him to permit the kids for the ‘Kate Plus 8’. And not only this, the reality star, Gosselin will soon be seen in the ‘Twist of Kate’ again a reality show.

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