Katherine Heigi knows that there is no better instinct than a mother’s. She said that it is true especially when it comes to taking care of their kids. Katherine Naleigh is now a mom to Naleigh, her 17-month old daughter. She said that a mother’s instincts are always better than the natural feeling of the father.

Heigi also admitted that she is having a hard time when it comes to sharing their parental duties. Katherine knows that she is quite a control freak.

Nevertheless, being a mother to Naleigh changed Katherine Heigi a lot. The 31-year old mother and an actress feel that her daughter has always been a part of her. Having a child would change everything.

The emotional changes that Katherine Heigi is having make it very unusual for her. She feels as if her heart is always beating outside her body and it would be like that for as long as she lives.

Recent reports said that the Katherin Heigi’s daughter had a heart problem. Thankfully, the problem has already been corrected thanks to the successful operation that Naleigh went through. As of now, her daughter is already fine though the surgery gave Heigi’s daughter a scar.

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