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Wait for June 4 and after the release of much awaited movie Rajneeti, no one will be able to say that Katrina Kaif cannot speak Hindi well.

She has 9 hits in her pocket out of 13 movies and she is well aware that this might result in rivalry. And to have a look at the fault, made Katrina’s wretched Hindi the butt of the majority barbs. Bollywood generally have had ruling divas that were always imperfect in their languages, to take an example, Hema Malini and Sridevi tops the list. And now, there is another name added as Katrina Kaif.

However, unlike the others, Katrina has taken a step to prove that she is capable to cross this hurdle. Those who got a chance to glare at the previews of the upcoming movie Rajneeti agree for an outstanding enhancement in Kat’s Hindi. According to the sources, “Not only has she tackled her normal dialogues well, she has empowered herself enough to make a four-page speech in Hindi”.

Katrina herself realises that she is about to cross the challenge and she said, “I’m fully aware that my Hindi has been criticised by a lot of people. But I must say I’m okay with personal criticism, so long as my films work. The Hindi I have spoken in Raajneeti is more correct than all my previous films. I have taken special care to dub my lines carefully. I know there are heroines who are speak better Hindi than me, but with due modesty let me add — Hindi alone is not the criteria for being in a position of power. Who can define success? It’s a combination of screen presence and destiny. If only spoken Hindi was the criterion, a lot of others would have been in my place. Hindi is not the second language of many actresses who are around at this point. So why single my Hindi out for criticism?’’

In an ease of vein, Katrina being the extra ordinary actress having outstanding memory have gone to the extend possible for improving her language. She discharged the rumours that Salman Khan was the one who gave her the Hindi lessons.

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