Picture of Russell Brand in the shower coming in 5, 4, 3, 2….Katy Perry is cooking up plans to get revenge on husband Russell Brand for posting a less-than-flattering picture of her that caused a stir online over the holidays.

Russell posted this TwitPic of his new wife looking drastically different from her usual well-groomed self last month. In the photo, the glamorous “Teenage Dream” singer looked as though she had just woken up, and sported dishevelled hair and no makeup. It seemed at the time Katy was unimpressed by her new hubby’s behavior, as the picture was swiftly deleted from Russell’s Twitter account.

The media quickly swooped in and by the time Brand removed the snap, it was too late — the picture had already gone viral

The battle is not over, Katy, 26, told The Mirror this week.

“He thought it was hilarious, but as you can imagine, I wasn’t too impressed. I’m currently plotting my payback,” she chuckled.

She added they plan to start baby-making in the not too distant future: “We want a big family so we need to get a move on. Watch this space!”

Hang on – her revenge is getting knocked up?!

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