Who knew crusty pop crooner’s had so much heart? “Tik Tok” hitmaker Ke$ha has been so moved by the rash in recent suicides by tormented gay teens that she’s dedicated her new song — “We R Who We R” — to the tragic youngsters and other victims of bullying.

The bullying epidemic in America has dominated headlines across the US over the past month in light of the self-inflicted deaths of several gay teenagers, who were tormented by their peers because of their sexuality. Ke$ha, a former Los Angeles party girl who’s quickly building a reputation for dancing to the rhythm of her own rave, hopes the techno-fused track will provide youngsters with the confidence to accept themselves as they are.

Ke$ha, up for the Artist of the Year prize at next month’s American Music Awards, will release her second album, Cannibal Nov. 22. “We R Who We R” is the disc’s first single.

“Hopefully it will be an anthem for weirdos – for real people. I was really affected by the suicides that have been happening, having been subject to very public hatred (myself). I have absolutely no idea how these kids felt. What I’m going through is nothing compared to what they had to go through,” the singer tells Rolling Stone Magazine.

“Just know things do get better and you need to celebrate who you are. Every weird thing about you is beautiful and makes life interesting. Hopefully the song really captures that emotion of celebrating who you are,” Ke$ha added.

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