Despite the fact, well-known to the public, that June is a really hard and sad month for Kellie Pickler because 15, June Faye Pickler, her late grandmother, was born – this June brought a pleasant surprise to the star.
This week she was made a proposal by her boyfriend, Kyle Jacobs, who is a songwriter. It happened on a beach at sunset in Florida.
The 23-year-old star of American Idol, its fifth season, confessed with delight that it happened to be the most awesome day in her life. It even changed her whole world. She is sure that both of them were given her grandmother’s blessing.
According to the young beauty, she couldn’t even imagine that she would be made a proposal by her beloved boyfriend. She even recalls her words said to him that that idea to marry was like a dream for her – but not a real fact. She added at that time that she was going to be extremely upset because of that.

By the way, Kyle Jacobs did his best to organize his surprise-proposal. He scrupulously planned it, then – organized candles, champagne and a blanket just on the beach. According to him, after that they were chatting, crying and laughing.

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