Well, what do you know? It seems the stars are aligning right on schedule, allowing Kelsey Grammer to marry for the fourth time this Feb. 15. The former sitcom star’s divorce from Real Housewives reality personality Camille Grammer is expected to be finalized on Thursday, opening the door for Kelsey to wed his British flight attendant fiancee — Kayte Walsh, 29 — early next week as originally planned.

Despite the fact that he still isn’t formally divorced, the ex-Cheers actor took a chance when he signed off on a early February wedding with Walsh at Manhattan’s posh Plaza Hotel. Kelsey and Camille, who wed without a prenup in 1997, have been bitterly hashing out the financial details of a settlement after announcing their separation last July.

In recent weeks, the Grammers’ already nasty split has turned even more acrimonous. In an interview with shock jock Howard Stern, Camille strongly insinuated that her soon-to-be ex-hubby liked to dress up as a woman during their marriage and later claimed she had to compete with FOX News for Kelsey’s affections in the bedroom.

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