After Kendra Wilkinson listened for the wings of Azrael because of cocaine overdose, her life has completely changed.

The former Playboy star has completely refused from her past and opened a new page with a new loving husband, and a cute tot boy.

The star blonde took part at the Today Show where she confessed that she was not proud of her difficult past notable for her strong drug addiction and stripper occupation, though, according to her, she could dance very well.

She said to the audience that she had always considered that life style to be wrong and that she had lost herself for a moment. Kendra added that despite the fact that she was a really good stripper, she still felt a kind of embarrassment concerning that. She stressed that it was not she.

When her overdose of cocaine occurred Kendra Wilkinson got really scared that she would die that night. She recollected that every hole of her body was bleeding which made her scared to death.

However, she was lucky enough to survive. And several days after that incident, she experienced an epiphany. As a result, the star quitted drugs, quitted smoking, quitted everything and headed home.

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