We know that Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, her husband, have become parents for the first time. Now they are granted the best gift ever given to parents: they can watch how their baby son called Hank Randall IV is growing up.

25-year-old Kendra reveals to PEOPLE that she finds it amazing as both of them created new life and at the moment they have a wonderful chance to see all life stages of their beloved kid.

According to her, it’s the most magical and amazing thing a person could ever experience: to see the start of life and then its every stage.

Despite the fact that their little life is not more than 6½ months, a huge commotion has already been and is being created by it, which keeps the new mom constantly alert.

Wilkinson smiles that their tot is so energetic that is practically ready to get up on his feet and go. The happy mother adds that she is aware that a lot of work is ahead of her because of her over-energetic kid.

The star adds that every time when she wakes up he has to run up to her son and just kiss and hug him because he is her dream: she has always wanted to have a son.

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