We all know that Britney Spears has two kids – 3-year-old Jayden James and 4-year-old Sean Preston. It has become known from People’s report that these star kids have already finished pre-school. To be more exact, both Sean Preston and Jayden James graduated on Thursday.
As the magazine reveals, during the graduation ceremony the kids were escorted by their parents – Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, her ex-husband. The kids grandparents, Britney’s daddy and mom – Lynne and Jamie Spears, were noticed there too by paparazzi.
According to some sources who gave their comments to People, Britney Spears regarded that occasion to be really festive and in connection with that dressed her boys up. It was said that the princess of pop was really excited and happy that her boys experienced their first graduation in life.
Then it has become known that after the official ceremony the happy family went to McDonald’s to celebrate that important event with the restaurant’s Happy Meals.
We feel obliged to remind the readers that the star couple divorced in 2006. Despite that fact, both Britney Spears and Kevin Federline participate in bringing up their children.

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