In just a couple of weeks, the handsome princes, Harry and William, will be out for their first overseas tour together.

The two young princes are bound to South Africa. Their tour starts from the 14th of June. However, the trip would only last for 5 days. On the 19th of June, the brothers will go to Lesotho and Botswana. But they would not have time for a little R and R just yet. The two will then head to Cape Town afterwards so that they can see the match with Algeria for the England’s World Cup.

The visit of Prince William and Prince Harry to South Africa was because of the invitation that came from the Football Association. The said association was actually headed and managed by Prince William himself. They would just be there for leisure. Actually they would go to South Africa to show their support for the 2018 bid.

At the same time, the brothers will also visit their own charities within the region. Maybe this is how royalties show each other how and what their respective organizations have already achieved. Prince William will also see for the first time all the efforts of Tusk Trust. This is his patronage will does humanitarian works in Botswana.

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