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The Little Camera that Can!, October 26, 2011
Phyllis Staff (Dallas, Texas USA) –


This review is from: Kodak Easyshare Touch M5370 16 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom, HD Video Capture and 3.0-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen LCD (Blue) (Electronics)
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The Kodak M5370 is a little gem that was built for fun and convenience. And with 16 mega-pixels, it can also deliver quality prints. In the hands of a skilled photographer, this camera can produce photos almost as good as those that are produced by a single lens reflex.


1. The photos you’ll get with this little camera are pixel-dense, so you can enlarge your photos up to 40″ x 30″ (or the biggest size on your printer). It offers almost double the pixels of my very expensive single lens reflex camera.

2. Colors are accurate, and, with the 5X SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH Optical Zoom Lens, sharpness is excellent (with a single exception mentioned below). This is especially valuable because sharpening photos in digital labs will sometimes pixelate your photo and, therefore, may not produce the results you hoped for.

3. The camera itself is tiny and weighs very little, making it perfect to slip in a pocket or purse where it can be easily retrieved for quick use. Say you’re on a shopping trip, and you wonder “Is this the right scarf for Aunt Maisy?” Grab a quick shot, head for the nearest internet connection, and upload your find to you mom for an almost instant response. Another step into the future of photography!

4. Play with your photos while they’re still in the camera. Crop them, change their color or get rid of color altogether, decorate them with frames – there’s plenty of options for editing your photos before you get home. The easy-to-use touch screen provides you lots of possibilities — instantly!

5. Share those shots with friends. Upload your photos directly to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites, plus you can send them directly to photo printers like those at drugstores and pick up prints on your way home (depending on the speed of the printer, not your camera.

6. And my favorite – blue. Now I had to wonder why I cared if my camera was blue, but that was before I actually used it. Here’s one reason you might want a camera of a different color – identification. The size of this camera, small, will not distinguish it from any other pocket camera in your collection, but its color will. Grab and go just got a little easier.


1. I’m still attempting to find a little camera that produces a sharp image at only inches from the subject. This one comes close, but I’m not ready to award it my seal of perfection.

2. The memory in the camera holds very few photos (only eight for me). Since I’m using the highest number of pixels, this is not a great surprise, but to use the camera as I usually do required the purchase of a microSDHC. The camera will now hold a reasonable number of pictures — but be aware that the microSDHC is NOT included in the box. You must purchase it as a separate item.


With the exceptions I’ve mentioned above, I could hardly be more pleased with this little camera. And my objections are not serious enough to deny stars, so the Kodak M5370 gets all five.

Five Stars!

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A Splendid, Easy-to-Use, Camera, October 27, 2011
Lawrence H. Bulk “Lawrence H. Bulk” (New Jersey USA) –



This review is from: Kodak Easyshare Touch M5370 16 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom, HD Video Capture and 3.0-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen LCD (Blue) (Electronics)
Customer review from the Amazon Vine™ Program (What’s this?)

Customer Video Review Length:: 1:25 Mins

IMPORTANT UPDATE February 9, 2012: It has just been announced that Kodak is exiting the digital camera business. Please see Comment #7 for further details.

I am very pleased with this little Kodak Easyshare Touch M5370 Digital Camera (Blue) and I am certain than anyone buying one will be just as pleased.

Ease of use is very important, in my opinion, in small cameras such as this which are meant for snapshots, both candid and posed. When taking such pictures, the user often does not have the time nor the inclination to play with camera settings. He or she just wants to turn the camera on and take the pictures (or videos) quickly – and have them turn out perfectly.

That’s what you will achieve with this camera 99% of the time – and that with just using the Smart Capture mode.

Turning on is almost instantaneous and turning off is equally quick.

You can see from my video that the camera adjusts to scenes with different light levels quickly and unobtrusively. Focus is automatic (of course) and very quick. (When taking video, sound is recorded even when zooming.)

Not only do videos turn out perfectly, so do still pictures – and without any extraneous input from the photographer.

Just turn it on and fire away.

Of course this camera is primarily intended for stills. (I do not know of any way to add a still picture to this review; that’s why I attached a video taken with the camera. At least you can see the quality of the images it produces.)

(Regarding video, I might mention that, contrary to the printed instruction manual which shows an option of video at 1920 x 1080, and contrary to at least one review here which states that the camera takes 1080p video, it does NOT take video at this level. It has but two options: 720p and VGA video. With a 4 GB Micro-SDHC card, this translates to 29 minutes at 720p and 2 and a half hours at VGA level. My video was taken at 720p.)

I very much like the touchscreen controls and I have to admit that I was somewhat apprehensive about them. I needn’t have been. They are as easy to use as is possible and, as I indicated, you do not actually have to use them if you don’t want to. Your pictures will almost always turn out just the way you want them.

The colors produced are vivid and beautiful (as you can see in the video, taken on a Fall afternoon around 3:30 PM). Different color types are available and easily accessed for those who wish to modify the look of pictures; even black-and-white and sepia tone are offered.

For those who are more advanced, there are options offered in-camera to crop a picture, adjust its color, and several other things besides. (I have not as yet used these options.) Videos, likewise, can be edited in-camera. These options are really nice to have and can prove very useful to many people. In other words, you can improve your photographic results without the need to buy expensive computer programs and your photographic knowledge can improve without outgrowing the camera.

There are also several other settings, including a Program (programmable) setting, for those who wish to exercise more control of their pictures. This Program setting too is extremely easy to use.

I REALLY like the facial-recognition feature and the ability to automatically (or manually) ‘tag’ pictures with the names of people. Not only does this feature allow identification of people when viewing the pictures on the camera’s screen, the tags carry over when you download the pictures onto your computer. (I use a Linux viewing program called Gwenview and, when I view a picture tagged via this camera, the name(s) of the people are clearly displayed. I am sure that other image viewing programs available for Windows and Mac will do the same thing.)

Now to the nitty-gritty. This camera has a Schneider-KREUZNACH lens which appears to be of good quality (this company has always had a good reputation). It features an optical zoom ratio of 5:1 (equivalent to a 28-140 mm lens on a 35 mm camera) which is adequate for most people and will not require the use of a tripod (as do lenses of large zoom ratios). By the way, if you do use a tripod, you will find that a tripod mount will not interfere with battery/Micro-SD card access.

The lens is somewhat slow (f 3.9 – 5.7) which is about the norm for cameras of this class. It is unfortunate that it is not somewhat faster (allowing more light…

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