Finally Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson kissed each other on stage at the MTV Movie Awards.
As a matter of fact, they took a stage at the Gibson Ampitheatre at the 2010 ceremony as they won “Best Kiss.” One should mention that it is considered to be the second time when they managed to get this award.
When accepting the award, Robert admitted that the competition was stiff this year. It was a nice pleasure for the actor to win the award for the second time.

According to Kristen, in order to make them look good kissing, it took mirrors as well as a lot of smoking. In fact, the actor did not want to let viewers down.

They are together or not, still both continue to deflect rumors concerning their relationship. When being on stage the two were unsure whether to embrace or not.

In order to be rebuffed Robert leaned in to kiss Kristen. He turned away from the crowd and started to kiss her as the crowd applauded.
During that evening Kristen became the winner of “Best Female Performance.”

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