The fans of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson rack their brains over a miracle whether their favourite stars are together or not.

Unfortunately, nobody had a chance to notice them together at Eclipse premiere held in London, no one could read their body language to define their relationship status for sure.

According to Catherine Hardwicke, Twilight film director, she immediately noticed incredible chemistry of these two young actors when they first appeared at auditions for that movie. Despite the fact, that they became quite close during the film shooting, Kristen Stewart was known to date Michael Angarano, another actor.

When the film promotion started, her love affair was already over and the rumors started to spread that the actors’ screen love had turned into a real life infatuation.
As Kristen Stewart says in her interview, she doesn’t want to make her relationships cheap by chatting about them in public. In the past she said about her attitude to Robert Pattinson that she found him modest, intelligent and considered him to be her best friend.

Robert Pattinson reveals in his turn, that when he is together Kristen, they perfectly understand each other, they even grasp the thoughts of each other and in the actor’s opinion, Stewart is a wonderful girl.

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