Park it, Inspector Gadget. La Toya’s on the case. Proving once more that Jessica Fletcher’s got nothing on her, Michael Jackson’s controversial sister, La Toya Jackson, is calling for further investigation into the June 2009 death of her brother, King of Pop Michael Jackson, who La Toya believes was murdered over the catalogue of music he owned.

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In her recently published autobiography Starting Over, on booksellers’ shelves Tuesday, La Toya writes that Michael’s daughter Paris told her that he cried a lot before he died and “was always cold.” La Toya goes on to say that after Michael died, she found a note in his bedroom that he had written to their father Joe Jackson, asking him to get “these people out of my life.”

Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael’s personal physican, is preparing to go on trial for involuntary manslaughter later this year as the State of California tries to prove that the doctor acted negligently when he gave the “Thriller” icon a fatal dose of Propofol ahead of his “This Is It” tour at London’s O2 Arena.


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