Sometimes you really can’t go home again! Lady Gaga was left shamefaced after she tried to swan back into the New York City apartment she lived in before finding pop superstardom in 2008 during an interview with 60 Minutes’ Anderson Cooper, only to be harshly rebuffed by the new tenant!

After she had to buzz every flat just to get into the building, the camera-shy woman in her old place wouldn’t even open the door — Burn!

“I’m just wondering if I could say hi,” Gaga begged the woman through the door.

“I’d rather not have any cameras,” the grumpy tenant bellowed.

Defeated, Gaga and Anderson took a seat on the staircase and went through some old mementos, flashing sheet music for the first song she ever wrote among other vintage Gaga bits.

Would you let one of the world’s quirkiest pop stars into your living room?

Cooper profiles Lady Gaga this Sunday, Feb. 13, @ 7 PM ET/PT.

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