Lady Gaga: “Hey Eva, your sense of humor? Right up there with your rapping skills!”

In “Gurl, Bye!” News, Lady Gaga’s got her exposed knickers in a knot after becoming the butt (Or should we say The Ham?!) of an Eva Longoria-Parker gag during the Desperate Housewives’ stint as host of this weekend’s MTV Europe Music Awards in Madrid.

In a joke aimed at Lady Gaga — who famously wore a dress made of raw meat to the MTV Video Music Awards last summer, Eva, 35, donned a ham costume for part of her presenting duties.

“Lady Gaga couldn’t be here tonight but she left this dress in the refrigerator backstage,” she quipped to the delight of audience members, except Gaga of course. The Queen of the Little Monsters reportedly did not see the funny in the prank and flipped into full Bitch Mode within earshot of a chatty snoop with The Mirror.

“Gaga didn’t find it funny and said that Eva should find her own gimmicks,” says one curt bystander.

Is it just us or did Lady GaGa seem to miss the entire point of the joke?

The singer was even heard whispering to pals: “Why can’t she stop stealing my ideas?”

Oh — you mean like you stole Madonna’s? Whoops, did we say that?!

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