Lady Gaga’s attorney responded to the $30.5 million lawsuit that was filled by former collaborator Rob Fusari. According to the lawsuit, Fusari discovered and give the name of Gaga to the singer.

In a court which was held on Friday, Charles Ortner, an attorney for Gaga said that the suit was “unlawful.”

The suit that was filed in New York Wednesday says that Fusari came up with Gaga’s stage name and due to him, Lady Gaga got a label deal. Moreover, he co-wrote a few songs from her 2008 debut LP, The Fame and also “Paparazzi.”

Ortner wrote in his response to Fusari and his company that they violated statutes according to which they are unable to act as an employment agents because they do not have a license which means that they charge Lady Gaga an unlawful fee.

Fusari’s attorney, Robert Meloni said the claim which was file by Lady Gaga is unable to pass the laugh test. He also added that ‘the best defense is a good offense.’ He considers that Ms. Germanotta (the real name of Lady Gaga) should not play with sharp objects.

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