Prince Edward and his children got the major attention at this year’s Royal Windsor Horse Show. The children who were kept away from media attention soon got into the limelight as this is one of their rarest public appearances.

Prince Edward was a caring father as he strolled around the horse show with his two children, Lady Louise and James Viscount Severn.

The youngest grandchildren of the Queen were always kept away from media attention. Lady Louise has been suffering from extropia which is a rare health disorder that causes squint and this is the main reason why the children were protected from the eyes of media. The Prince did attend the last years Horse race as well with his children.

Apart from Prince Edward and his children, the Royal family was represented in the filed by Prince Philip. The queen’s husband is a regular participant of the annual equestrian event and was having the most fun out of the race. Prince Philip who turns 90 next year is no longer competing in the five day long festival but he was seen enjoying the race from its start.

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