The run of luck went against Landon Donovan not only in his career when his team was defeated in the World Cup championship but in his personal life too. According to numerous reports in British newspapers, one British woman states that she is expecting a child from Landon Donovan.

According to the press, the 28-year-old soccer star is living separately from Bianca Kajlich, his wife-actress. It is definitely known that they are still not divorced.

The Web site Sports Illustrated was told by Landon Donovan that it is possible that he will be a father to that baby. He added that he learned that news during the World Cup tournament and is absolutely ready to take full responsibility and guarantee all necessary support. The star pointed out that it is his private case and that is why he is not going to give any further comments concerning that issue.

There were some rumors that Landon Donovan can reconcile with Bianca Kajlich after the 33-year-old woman kissed her husband during an interview after the game. According to one of the couple’s friends they still remain extremely close to each other and maintain permanent contact.

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