Lapataganj – Episode 666 – 23rd August 2012

Lapataganj – Episode 666 – 23rd August 2012

Pandit Paramanand Suggests Mukundi And Indu’s Remarriage Easy Pandey teaches a unique lesson to Milkman Kallu Maharaj in front of all the villagers later, Easy Pandey warns Kallu Maharaj to reveal the truth or else he will call police who will arrest him and beat him to his death thus, Kallu Maharaj reveals the truth that he had mixed medicine in Phoolmati’s food due to which she is suffering from high fever and also announces his punishment in Lapataganj that he will distribute free Milk in Lapataganj till next 1 month, on the other side in Chukundi’s house, all the villagers are keen to solve Indu and Mukundi’s problem later, Mama calls Pandit Paramanand Joanpurwale who advice’s villagers that the only solution to Indu and Mukundi’s fight is to convince Indu and Mukundi to marry and Mama assures everybody that he will succeed in calling Indu in Lapataganj and all the villagers of Lapataganj were shocked to see Indu who was fuming in anger. Is there a trouble waiting for Mukundilal Gupta? “Based in an imaginary small town called “Lapataganj” (means a lost place), the story is inspired from the writings of Sharad Joshi-who was an eminent Hindi satirist. His wide range of work has highlighted the bitter truth of our society with a satirical punch. These stories while making us laugh; also make us empathize with the situations we face in our daily lives. “Lapataganj” is a town in some part of India which has been long forgotten by the system. The town struggles daily for
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Kim Wayans, Adepero Oduye, Aasha Davis und Charles Parnell sind in Dee Rees inspirierendem Film zu sehen, den Kritiker als “Kraftvoll lebendig! Extrem rührend und aufrichtig” (Peter Travers, Rolling Stone) bezeichnen. Die siebzehnjährige Alike (a-li-kai ausgesprochen) lebt mit ihren Eltern und ihrer jüngeren Schwester in der Wohngegend von Fort Greene in Brooklyn. Sie hat eine poetische Ader und hat im Stillen zu ihrer Identität als Lesbe gefunden. Doch immer wenn Alikes Homosexualität zuhause angesprochen wird, steht die bereits vorbelastete Ehe ihrer Eltern kurz vor dem völligen Zusammenbruch. Alike ist sich nicht sicher, wie viel sie ihrer Familie anvertrauen kann und kämpft sich mit Anmut, Humor und Hartnäckigkeit durch ihre Jugend. Manchmal mit Erfolg, manchmal nicht, aber immer mit dem Blick nach vorn.
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