Lapataganj – Episode 673 – 3rd September 2012

All the villagers of Lapataganj were shocked to see Mukundi who was planning to meet Indu before their marriage but this apparently does not go down too well with Mama and he fumes in anger as Easy Pandey is misguiding Mukundi. Mama insults Easy Pandey and Elija too shouts on Easy later, Mama loses his cool and a massive conflict takes place between Easy and Mama thus, Mama challenges Easy Pandey that he will become a huge obstacle in Indu and Mukundi’s wedding and Easy too accepts his challenge and reveals Mama that he will cross any borders to unite Indu and Mukundi later, all the villagers divide themselves into 2 teams and maximum people support Easy, next day Mukundi’s Sister-in-law and her colleagues tries to cheer up Mukundi who was a bit tensed in regards to Easy and Mama’s incident. Will Easy win the challenge or Mama? What will Mukundi and Indu do now? “Based in an imaginary small town called “Lapataganj” (means a lost place), the story is inspired from the writings of Sharad Joshi-who was an eminent Hindi satirist. His wide range of work has highlighted the bitter truth of our society with a satirical punch. These stories while making us laugh; also make us empathize with the situations we face in our daily lives. “Lapataganj” is a town in some part of India which has been long forgotten by the system. The town struggles daily for basic facilities yet the people residing there are the happiest of the lot. The show captures the spirit of a common man to lead a
new movie 2012 hd Video Rating: 4 / 5

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