Divorces are seldom easy, they may even cause children to go into depression, they also break two people emotionally as well as physically and when the victims are rich and famous, they end up in worst situation. Recently, a divorce case was filed between a 76 year old person Larry King and his seventh wife Shawn Southwick age 50.

A celebrity news website reported that Southwick believed that King had an affair with her sibling Shannon. Also, the website reported that Southwick discovered the affair on checking his credit card statement and came to know that he had purchased a $160,000 diamond necklace which wasn’t gifted to her. Further, Engemann told TMZ website that Kings had given gifts to Shannon on Christmas and on her Birthday.

As per authentic reports, there has been some kind of discord at King’s house. Rumors of this kind were in the air in 2008 also but at that time, Howard Rubenstein who used to be King’s spokesman told the public that the couple was having a very good time.

Shawn was his 8th wife. King has been divorced 7 times already and not new to marital breakups. But to Shawn, it’s like she has lost everything.

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