The shimmering scandal over a randy centerfold on the pages of the November issue of GQ is the least of Glee’s problems.

Who cares about a public relations scandal when you’re bracing for the arrival of Hurricane Lea!

Star Magazine snoops claim doe-eyed songstress Lea Michele is still terrorizing the cast and crew of television’s most-watched musical-comedy by behaving like a total heifer (or a petulant reality star, take your pick…) when the cameras aren’t rolling. Lea, who has been accused of demanding special treatment from Glee producers, is said to be upset that her character — the prim and preppy Rachel Berry — hasn’t been given a crack at many solo performances since the show debuted its second season last month.

“In the beginning, she was the biggest star. But some of the biggest episodes have taken attention away from her…She thinks that because she has a Broadway background, this show was made for her,” whispers one Star snitch. “It’s not easy being around Lea on set. She has put several people’s backs up and it’s showing no sign of improving.”

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