Pink did it. So did former Gov. David Paterson. Now Native New Yorker Lea Michele has joined list of opponents rallying against Central Park’s fleet of horse-drawn carriages.

It’s a Big Apple institution. For more than 100 years, well-bred hoofers have been used to cart tourists and lovers alike around on tours of the sprawling public park. Questions, however, persists about how well handlers are treating our finw mane-and-tailed friends.

That’s were Lea comes in.

The Gleek is a longtime friend to animals and her relationship with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals dates back to her days as a rising on Broadway. The actress and the often-controversial animal rights group have teamed up to convince NYC lawmakers to outlaw the buggy industry. Michele is joined by a beautiful white stallion in a bright new PETA advert calling attention to the carriage cause.

“During their workday, these horses are forced into dangerous traffic, where they develop respiratory ailments from inhaling exhaust fumes and debilitating leg problems from pounding the hard pavement. They constantly weave between cars and are often spooked by loud noises on the streets. As a result, accidents sometimes occur in which many horses and people are seriously injured or even killed. When not working, these horses are confined to cramped stalls in which they are unable to turn around, stretch their legs, or even lie down comfortably. Don’t get taken for a ride. Join Lea and countless others in boycotting horse-drawn carriages!”

Great cause, Lea! But we wish more celebrities would support the more civilized animal rights groups out there. In its quest to protect animals, PETA often forgets about the ethical treatment of people. Check out the Humane Society of the United States or the ASPCA; they do great work without insulting everyone who doesn’t think just like them. You can even donate or volunteer your free time to help homeless pets at your local animal shelter!

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