According to Brandi Glanville, despite the fact that she is trying along with her ex husband Eddie Cibrian to work through their divorce amicably, his new girlfriend, i.e. LeAnn Rimes, takes a lot upon herself, it can be seen even in the preparation of their son Jake’s birthday festivities that will be held in April.

Glanville says that along with Eddie they have decided to make something together on April 15, but later her ex husband changed his mind, he convinces that it will not be right to celebrate the birthday which will be on April 15th as it is considered to be his custodial day which can make uncomfortable for LeAnn.

According to Glanville, she is more than accommodating of the couple’s needs in the past and needs just the same in return. She really wants to celebrate the birthday with her son as she has already spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning alone.

Glanville is going to do all possible to be near her son during his birthday. It looks like Eddies cares about LeAnn more, but he does not think about their kids with Glanville. He did not attend to Mason’s baseball games because LeAnn did not want Eddie to be around his ex wife.

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