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LeAnn Rimes is blasting back at speculation that she was drunk during her bizarre X Factor performance Wednesday night.

The country singer is outraged by “the gossip and lies” that emerged following her duet with 13-year-old contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar, and insists that throughout her entire career she has never been anything but professional, and radio detection and has the details.

LeAnn Rimes Catching Flack After Bizarre Duet On The X Factor, Fans Speculate She’d Been Drinking

“In my 18 years of performing, I have never been anything but professional onstage,” LeAnn tweeted on Thursday.

“It is a shame that gossip and lies are overshadowing the performance of Carly, a very talented young girl.

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“And while I have not given any media outlet a quote, if you want one, here it is ‘It was an amazing opportunity to share this experience with Carly and I know I’ll be watching for her to win tonight.'”

As radio detection and previously reported, Rimes’ odd behavior during her How Do I Live duet with the teen prompted many media outlets to tear her performance apart while X Factor fans flooded social media with speculation the singer had hit the bottle before hitting the stage!

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The Huffington Post labeled Rimes’ performance as “uneven and uncomfortable” and pointed out that during the song, “Rimes even gripped onto Sonenclar during the performance. Her voice didn’t seem to have its usual strength, leading some fans to speculate online that she might have been drinking. When it ended, she declared, ‘Oh my god, she’s such an amazing talent I want to wrap her up and just hold her.’ ‘You’re doin’ it!’ Mario Lopez replied.”

The Mail Online also reported on LeAnn’s bizarre performance and her apparent attempt to out-sing and out-stage the young competitor.

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Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Rimes wasn’t feeling well during her performance, which may explain her odd behavior, but Hollywood Life went a step further and declared Rimes “one big, hot mess.”


LeAnn Rimes Catching Flack After Bizarre Duet On The X Factor, Fans Speculate She’d Been Drinking

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