The “Dougie” is so 2000-late. There’s a new celeb-inspired dance craze that hopes to be all the rage at your next Halloween or Hanukkah party.

Are you ready for the Leo Strut?

Half Electric Slide with a splash of the “Hokey Pokey,” the “brand new dance move” is the brainchild of “viral rapper” Jay Kila, who was inspired to put down his vocals on the catchy song/dance combo after spotting a photo (pictured above) of Oscar-nominated actor Leonardo DiCaprio snapped on the set of the psychological thriller Inception.

Here’s how its done:

“Put your elbow up tight.
Take a step with the right.
Tilt your head to the side.
Smile real, real wide.”

The “Strutting Leo” Facebook page devoted to the song and dance has amassed nearly 4,000 fans.

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