Is this the video that destroyed Bristol & Levi: A Love Story?

Bristol Palin’s ex-fiance Levi Johnston made his debut in a saucy music video — titled “After Love” — with pop singer Brittani Senser over the weekend.

The single is the title track from the forthcoming debut album from the little-known R&B singer.

Paralleling Johnston’s relationship with the oldest of Governor Sarah Palin’s three daughters, the story revolves around a couple who is forced to break up over the girl’s disapproving mother. Art imitating life, anyone? It sure looked that way to Bristol, who dropped the former Playgirl centerfold like a ton of bricks after learning of his video cameo. Just a few days after announcing the reconciliation on the cover of a tabloid magazine, the teen mom severed ties with Johnston, accusing the father of her one-year-old son Tripp of poking fun at her already controversial family.

In the video, a shirtless Johnston, 20, is seen straddled in bed by Senser. The pair — who have been romantically-linked in recent weeks — make out in black-and-white clips.

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