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Watching your husband cheat on you on a sex tape on the internet isn’t exactly fun, just ask Linda Hogan, who exclusively told radio detection and that it was “sickening” to see.

Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife said she “wasn’t really shocked about the tape,” but slammed his prowess in the bedroom: “He didn’t appear to be a stud muffin in the sack did he?”

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She said that while she knew her hubby (real name Terry Bollea) hadn’t been faithful, she didn’t expect it to be Heather Clem on the tape since they were friends with her and her then-husband Bubba the Love Sponge.

“I knew something was going on behind my back, I just didn’t know it was so close to home,” Linda said.

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She said they were friends but they didn’t go to dinner together and now she knows why!

“I was at her wedding! That tape was sickening. Watching them do that behind my back turned my stomach,” Linda said.

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Linda subsequently divorced Hulk and said that their marriage wasn’t picture perfect.

“He couldn’t even look me in the eye sometimes during our relationship, and I bet he thought I was too busy to notice his lies,” she said.

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Linda certainly hasn’t let her last marriage stop her from finding love though. She got engaged to her much younger boyfriend Charlie Hill on Couples Therapy and even signed up to be a part of the TLC reality show Brides of Beverly Hills during her search for a wedding gown.

“I didn’t get to do all those fun things when I married the Hulkster,” she said. “So I went to see Renee Strauss and she gave me all of these beautiful dresses to try on and I loved it.”

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Linda said her hunky young boyfriend saved her when she was at her lowest point following her divorce, but that the relationship had to end.

“He was like my guardian angel. He was there for what I needed and it wasn’t fair to settle for him. He wasn’t happy living in my shadow,” she said.

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Check out the video of Linda trying on wedding dresses and see the full episode of Brides of Beverly Hills Friday night on TLC at 10/9c.

Meanwhile, Gawker has filed a response to Hulk Hogan’s $ 100 million lawsuit against the website for publishing excerpts of his sex tape.

DOCUMENTS: Read Gawker’s Response To Hulk Hogan’s $ 100 Million Lawsuit

Gawker said: “At the bottom, this case involves exaggerated claims that a ‘sex tape’ which depicts roughly nine seconds of sexual activity in extremely grainy footage amid otherwise uneventful conversation – warrants the award of $ 100,000,000, the imposition of a constructive trust, the disclosure of a confidential source, and the entry prior restraint in derogation of the First Amendment. Given that Gawker played no role in recording the original video, the prior extensive news reporting about it, and the limited excerpts that Gawker posted, plaintiff is not entitled to such extraordinary relief, and his motion should be denied in it’s entirety.”


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