Lindsay Lohan made astonishing admissions during a recent interview with Kode magazine in which she said she was dating a married man who has children — and unabashedly sipped on a glass of vodka on the rocks during the interview, the editor claims.

What’s more, the 27-year-old who claims to be completely sober — besides a slip earlier this year with a glass of wine — was on the party drug Ecstasy during the Coachella music festival the interviewer of the high street fashion lifestyle magazine claims.

Having claimed she suffered a miscarriage during production of her OWN docu-series, the troubled starlet hasn’t slowed down when it comes to dating and told the interviewer, “Oh this guy I’m seeing just sent me a jet because he wants to see me…but he’s married with kids.”

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What’s more, the interviewer (who goes only by The Kurator) claims Lohan was sipping on a glass of vodka on the rocks saying that while they chatted, she “takes a sip from her freshly topped off glass of Vodka on the rocks. From this moment, all questions of sobriety seem irrelevant.”

The interview claims to have chronicled Lilo’s time at Coachella too, stating that the Mean Girls actress got high on Ecstasy during her first night there.

“‘The last time I saw Lindsay would be as she made her way into the second day of the Coachella festival with a vodka filled Evian bottle in hand and accompanied by her sister Ali, and brothers Cody and Michael,” the interviewer wrote, alleging that her family is aware of her rekindled romance with booze.

A photo shoot for the magazine was documented in a video below:

Interestingly, Kode claims to have done a Q&A with Lohan via email — but decided to run with The Kurator’s interview instead, whom the publication calls a “trusted source.”

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“The moments Lohan is with her family or in the presence of those she loves can be hear warming, even if only as a fleeting moment,” The Kurator wrote.

“A moment, which fades the second morning at Coachella when she wakes with sprite energy and no evidence of an after effect from the ecstasy, alcohol nor lack of sleep the night before as she attempts to back out of a deal with a major retail brand who opted to sponsor her for the Coachella weekend.”

Kode magazine features Lohan as their Spring 2014 cover and can be ordered for delivery or digital download.

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Do you think Lindsay is off the wagon? And what do you think about her married boyfriend? Sound off in the comments below…

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