“I Know Who Killed Me” was the last flick in 2007 in which we witnessed the actress, Lindsay Lohan. After that the lady has not been seen on the screen, no doubt, she has been striving real hard but recently her career met another huge obstacle. As reported by the TMZ, Lohan has been fired off from the movie “The Other Side” on the basis of her not being bankable.

The writer/director of the “The Other Side”, David Michael’s state that they will no more be featuring Lohan anymore and in a very short passage of time will declare the lady replacing her.

And if the report of the USmagazine.com is to be believed then the fiscal problem was not related to the star Lohan but because of the unknown director due to which all other stars had also moved out from the flick.

The movie “The Other Side” also features various other actors like the Woody Harrelson, the Giovanni Ribisi, the Dave Matthews and also the Alanis Morissette. But, the fans of the Lohan need not worry as she would next be seen in a BBC documentary over human trafficking being shot in India and also a movie named “Machete” directed by Robert Rodriguez.

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