As if she doesn’t have enough legal woes to contend with, scandal-scarred actress Lindsay Lohan — who will be arraigned on a felony theft charge in Los Angeles Wednesday — has been slapped with a lawsuit from a Las Vegas tanning company that’s accusing the star of skipping out on more than $40,000 worth of bronzing between 2007 and 2009.

In the lawsuit filed this month, Tanning Vegas owner Lorit Simon says the former “Mean Girl” hired her Nevada-based company for to make interstate treks whenever Lohan was craving a color change more than four years ago.
According to Simon, Lindsay racked up $41,031.60 in unpaid charges, and even now she refuses to settle the debt.

This isn’t the first time Lindsay has got into a dispute with the Las Vegas businesswoman. In 2009, Lohan was accused of swiping the formula for her tan-in-a-can brand Sevin Nyne from Lorit.

Simon is seeking the sum in full, plus attorney’s fees and interest.

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