On May 24th, Actress Lindsay Lohan appeared before the court and pleaded to ease the restrictions that were put on her. Lindsay came with her advocate who told the court that the actress has already signed a film and the shooting is soon set to start in Texas.

The superior court judge did not take into consideration the plea of Lindsay and said that the actress would have to return to the jail if she did not follow the restrictions imposed on her by the court.

The actress had to appear before the court last week but failed and conveyed through her advocate that she lost her passport while being in Cannes. The judge reacted to it by saying that if the actress really wanted to appear in the court, then she would definitely return at least two days before the court.

The judge ordered Lindsay to start wearing an alcohol monitoring bracelet which would force her to take mandatory drug tests every week and asked her to follow it strictly if she wanted to stay free on bail.

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