In a move that sounds about as sensible as Victoria Beckham opening a pizza store or Kirstie Alley opening a gym, alcoholic Lindsay Lohan is planning to open her own branch of rehab centers.

As soon as she gets out of jail, that is.

Lindsay’s enabler mom Dina Lohan says her daughter is well aware of how important rehab has been in her own life, and as she’s checked in to a sober living house ahead of her 90-day jail sentence, the starlet is looking ahead to a time when she can help others battling similar demons.

At the tender age of 24, Lohan has been arrested multiple times, made even more trips to rehab, made billions of tabloid headlines and used up billions of litres of fake tan. Oh, and she’s an actress as well.

Dina insists her daughter has learned from her past mistakes and is now 100 percent sober.

“Lindsay really wants to open up her own rehab centre here in Los Angeles and a couple across the country to help other kids and celebs so they don’t fall through the cracks in this town,” Dina told In Touch Weekly this week. “She mentioned it to me a couple of days ago. She’s really growing up.”

Lindsay is due to start her 90-day sentence behind bars on July 20. Lohan reportedly entered rehab in an apparent attempt to convince the judge to either dismiss or reduce her jail term.

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