After her rehab stint, actress Lindsay Lohan has reportedly signed on to take a lead role in “Escaping The Game” about celebrities unable to handle fame.

The film focuses on celebrities who can’t handle the pressures of fame and escape to create a new life for themselves on a remote island. Lindsay will play a private investigator tracking their disappearances, reports

“It’s about celebs who become very famous and can’t take it. She wants to do it,” said Nathan Folks, producer of the film.

Folks reveals he is confident Lindsay will be able to take on the role.

“We can get her insured if she is with someone who is keeping an eye on her 24X7. Lindsay and I’ve discussed it and she’s already agreed to the condition. She’s doing great and we’re going to prove to the world that she’s back,” he added.

The film will be shot in Spain and the US in summer.

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