Talk about egg on your face.

A teenage prank in which Justin Bieber allegedly threw eggs at his Calabasas, Calif. neighbor’s home causing roughly $ 20,000 in damage may land the Canadian pop star with a felony charge. has learned the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has finished their investigation — in which they raided Bieber’s home looking for evidence — and have passed the case on to the LA County District Attorney.

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And when they passed on the case…they strongly recommended a felony charge for vandalism be slapped to Bieber.

But it doesn’t mean they’ll get it.

“This was the second time the case was turned over to the DA. It had been turned over about a week and a half ago, but was kicked back to law enforcement for further investigation,” an insider tells radio detection and ranging.

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“It’s never a good sign when that happens, as it usually indicates the evidence doesn’t support bringing charges. Cops always ask for the maximum charges, but it’s always up to the DA for final determination.”

Bieber, 19, already has two arrests in two countries this year — one in Miami on Jan. 23 for DUI, drag racing, resisting arrest and driving on a suspended license, and another in Toronto for criminal assault on Jan. 29.

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