Lost Girl S01E05: “Dead Lucky”

Last night’s episode of Lost Girl, the SyFy show about a Fae named Bo (Anna Silk) who feeds on sexual energy and therefore drains her horny human friends dry while doing the deed, didn’t waste any time. It started with Bo and Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) taking advantage of their new “friends with benefits” arrangement—in Dyson’s office. It worked, because Dyson is also Fae, but it didn’t look very comfortable. They looked happy about it, themselves, until they started setting up ground rules for their little affair. Isn’t that always the case? Dyson still wanted to see other people, and though Bo didn’t, she kept her mouth shut and pretended it was fine.

Meanwhile, in a part of the episode that didn’t have delusions that it was a soap opera, the most incredible thing on television looked like it was about to happen. Bo’s human friend Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) met with a middle-aged woman, who had a horrible and wonderful problem:

She was convinced one of her cats was possessed.


A-MAZING. Demon possession has been done every which way, but a possessed cat? Such an original twist! You have no idea how excited I was by this. There are so many places it could go! The cat could start meowing in tongues! It’s little head could turn around all the way like in The Exorcist!

But, when Bo didn’t show for the meeting, the cat lady bailed. I wasn’t worried. That cat was coming back.

When Bo finally met up with Kenzi she explained her absence. As far as excuses go, she had a good one. After her tryst with Dyson, she was kidnapped by a group of dark Fae. Their plans for her weren’t all that evil, they just wanted her to use her neutral status (previously, she had decided not to join forces with either the light or dark Fae) in the Fae courts to help out their boss.

Mayer, a dark Fae bookie who ran a Chinese-themed gambling parlor that appeared to employ exactly zero Chinese people, had been bamboozled. And by a human, no less! Mayer made a living stealing humans’ luck, then taking their money when they lost their bets. He wanted Bo to find out why one of his customers won a horse race when he shouldn’t have had any luck left (not all Fae are sex-crazed, after all). In exchange, his niece, Cassie, an oracle, told Bo a little about her past. Apparently Bo’s origin story is the exact same as Rogue’s from The X-Men. She accidentally killed her high-school boyfriend, then went on the run.

You know, the usual. But what did any of this have to do with the possessed cat? I wasn’t ready to give up hope that the fuzzy, demonic feline would still make a triumphant return.

Bo and Kenzi looked up the customer. And found him. At his funeral. There, his widow told them he’d died a day before he won the bet. Since this was clearly a situation that necessitated both alcohol and information, they went to the pub, where Trick (Richard Howland) told them about Hsien, a type of Fae that use dead human bodies to walk around in. Pleasant.

Dyson brought Bo to meet his Hsien friend, Eddie, whose hobbies included hanging around the morgue and doing dance routines in dead bodies. Like I said, pleasant. He claimed not to have used the gambler’s body, but he did know of another Hsien, Lucas, who was in town and seemed a likely candidate.

Upon hearing the news, Mayer suspected Lucas worked for his rival, Jesper. So he sent Bo and Kenzi off to Jesper’s poker game to find the Hsien. Instead of Lucas, however, they found a frost giant. Naturally, he attempted to kill Bo. With a little help from Kenzi, Bo threw him onto a spike—one that appeared to have just been sitting around waiting to impale a frost giant. 

Around this time, it became obvious that the possessed cat wasn’t in the storyline anymore. Unacceptable. Sure, body-snatchers and frost giants are cool, but compared to a possessed cat? There’s no competition!

Kenzi then took Bo to the pub, where Dyson “healed” her injuries, as only a Succubus (Bo’s specific Fae genus) can be healed. Afterward, Dyson got a call from Eddie, who sounded scared and was begging for help. But when Dyson and Bo showed up at the morgue, Eddie insisted he was fine. Despite the blood running down his leg.

So, clearly Lucas killed Eddie and then took his body. This led to an awesome scene where Bo and Dyson chased Lucas around the morgue as he switched from one corpse to the next. It was pretty awesome. 

Eventually, they caught one of the bodies, and brought Lucas to Mayer to reveal who hired him.


It was Mayer’s nephew. DISTINCTLY less brilliant, but still okay. Not a particularly surprising twist, but a solid turnabout.

Mayer wanted to hide his nephew to keep the dark Fae from punishing him for his treachery. The nephew might have tried to ruin Mayer, but he was still family. Mayer also wanted Bo to keep it all a secret. Little Miss Kenzi the Negotiator (so human, yet so involved) got Bo another session with the oracle—Cassie—in exchange for her silence. This time, Cassie didn’t see Bo’s past. Instead, she had a vision of Bo’s mother breaking out of some kind of 16th-century-looking prison, and coming after her daughter. This “coming after” seemed less like a, “coming after you to give you a Christmas present,” and more like a, “coming after you to chop off your head.”

Bo seemed more shocked about her mother being alive than worried that her mother was probably trying to kill her. Silver lining, I guess. Your mom wants you dead, but hey, at least she’s alive, right?

All in all, this was a decent episode. But seriously, Lost Girl, if the episode isn’t about a possessed cat, don’t throw that in there at the beginning. Because you’re going to get people’s hopes up.

Not mine. But, you know, people’s.


… Was I the only one mad about that cat? You can be honest.

… Was Dyson a jerk for not committing to Bo, or sweet for not wanting her to know it hurts him to heal her?

… If Bo and Kenzi took payment in the form of oracle sessions, what were they using to buy groceries and pay the phone bill?

… Did you catch (and also love) the oracle’s line, “I’m gonna ralph!” after seeing visions of Bo’s mother?

… Is it really as easy as Kenzi made it seem to know people’s tells in poker?

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