A research shows that men who believe in love at first sight are three times more likely to cheat on their partner.

For 75 percent of single men and 80 percent of single women it takes at least five dates over a number of weeks to decide whether or not to get serious, reports express.co.uk.

Researchers for dating website Parship questioned 5,000 single men and women, found out that 42 percent of men who believed in love at first sight had later cheated. Unfaithful men averaged 3.4 affairs compared to women who averaged 1.2.

Nafsika Thalassis of Parship said: “This survey indicates that there is a close relationship between infidelity and impulsiveness.”

“Men who consider themselves ‘in love’ within minutes of meeting someone are likely to fall in love rather frequently. It is also likely that such men interpret attraction and love as more or less the same thing,” she added.

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