Oh Dylan…Former 90210 heartthrob Luke Perry is officially washed-up enough that he’s now available to pose arm-in-arm with odd fans against school portrait background at science-fiction convention.

Take note, Justin Bieber. This could be you in a few years time. Luke Perry DragonCon Pics Luke Perry Meets His Fans At Dragoncon Luke Perry Fan Portraits Luke Perry & Child Funny Luke Perry Pics Luke Perry Poses With Fan During Sci-Fi Convention Luke Perry Poses With Fan Luke Perry Poses With Fans At DragonCon Luke Perry At DragonCon

Perry — who gets most of his work these days on Made-for-TV Movie Chitlin’ Circuit — was the guest of honor at the Dragoncon Sci-Fi/Fantasy Convention (Think Comic-Con for F-Listers…) dutifully manning a photo booth where fans could meet, greet, and embrace him like a long lost loved one.

These photos have now gone viral, thanks in part to the “innerestin’” cast of characters who passed through Luke’s booth that day. That and the unwavering look of patience on the actor’s face. Bless his heart. It’s good to see that Luke is just a regular guy who likes to hang out with fanboys, fangirls, and older ladies with vintage Dylan McKay Dolls!


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