This just in: Mad Mel is…well…mad.

Oscar winner Mel Gibson’s film career is sliding quicker than Lindsay Lohan after a coke binge and we hear the actor is incensed over being dumped from the cast of The Hangover 2 amid outrage from the film’s stars.

Last week, the film’s director put the kibosh on Gibson’s cameo as a tattoo artist, with the part going to Liam Neeson instead, after someone on the cast or crew complained. Gibson is embroiled in a legal battle with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, who alleges he assaulted and threatened her. The ensuing scandal has torpedoed many of Gibson’s ties in Hollywood and reportedly prompted Hangover stars like Zach Galifinakis and Bradley Cooper to refuse to work with him.

“He doesn’t understand why Mike Tyson, a drug user who turned his life around, was given a chance in the first Hangover movie, while Mel was kicked to the curb. Everybody deserves a second chance,” says a source close to Gibson.

Alan Nierob, who represents both Mel and Liam, issued a statement about Neeson’s hiring in which he also sounded irked about the decision, quipping Neeson would appear in the comedy sequel, “pending clearance of cast and crew background check.”

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