If you think The Material Girl’s obsession with barely legal male models is getting a little bizarre now that she’s almost eligible for the Tuesday Morning Senior Citizen Discount at Denny’s, you won’t be surprised to learn that the singer’s estranged brother agrees with you.

Madonna has snuggled up to a string of paramours half-her-age since calling it quits with director Guy Ritchie in 2009. The 52-year-old singer is currently in a relationship with French dancer Brahim Zaibat, who at 24 is the same age as her last boyfriend Jesus Luz. Her kid brother Christopher Ciccone finds the dynamic downright “creepy.”

“I guess if she continues to date all these much younger guys, it could start to look creepy,” says Ciccone, who hasn’t spoken to his sister since selling her out with the 2007 tell-all Life with My Sister Madonna. “But I think that a lot of Madonna’s emotional needs are met by taking care of her children; these boyfriends must really be like a kind of distraction for her. She certainly isn’t following societal values, but then again my sister never has and probably never will either.”

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