Bravo’s primetime lineup may soon feature more table-flipping and Garden State dramatics live from

The TV industry is abuzz with reports that Albie and Christopher Manzo have been tapped to star in an untitled docu-soap that will serve as the first spinoff of the network juggernaut The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The twentysomethings have been approached by reality show producers to appear in a show about life as bachelors in Hoboken, according to reports.

Albie and Christopher are the sons of Jersey Housewives star Caroline Manzo, whose husband Albert is a co-owner of The Brownstone Banquet Hall in gritty Paterson, New Jersey. Albie, the older of the two brothers, recently failed out of law school and is struggling to be reinstated. Chris, on the other hand, dreams of owning a chain of combination car wash strip clubs.

How charming.

Take a number, girls!

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