Mario Lopez is thinking over of becoming a dad. As a matter of fact, he wants to create a book as well as reality show that are dedicated to first-time fatherhood.

Actually, the Host of the Extra is trying to do his best in taking care of his pregnant girlfriend, Courtney Mazza.

According to Lopez Cortney looks beautiful. He is trying to feed her constantly as he wants to have a chubby as well as healthy baby.

As for the reality show, it is expected to be pretty god but it is not 100 percent confirmed.

In fact, he has to juggle everything and want to know everything. He said that there are a lot of books and different sources due to which women are able to learn a lot. But, unfortunately, there is not so much for men. Actually, Mario Lopez wants to be a hands-on dad. For that reason it was decided to make a show that will be held in a humorous but at the same time informative way. He supposes that tell stories would be a great deal for the show.

What concerns his plans about a book, he is going to discuss almost the same ideas. But, in fact, it can become a book that women can avail for their best halves due to which the can prepare to become a father.

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