The campaign, designed and created by RAPP India, was executed in two phases. It used all parts of the digital landscape for the promotion of ‘Grilled Chicken Royale’ & McPaneer Royale

Sarmistha Neogy | Mumbai | May 21, 2014

McSpicySensing the mood of the nation, where every citizen is still soaked in the election fever, McDonald’s has launched the #McDElections campaign in two phases. The campaign was released right after the launch of McDonald’s two new premium burgers – the Grilled Chicken Royale and the McPaneer Royale.

RAPP India has executed both the phases of the digital campaign. The first phase of the campaign saw some of the McDonald’s burgers fighting against each other to elect a leader who will represent the ‘McDSenate’. All these candidates were threatened by the Royal Burger duo, who challenged to sweep the polls by getting all the votes. The prelaunch viral video ), done for Phase 1, mimics a classic news channel interview of two of the candidates, McSpicy Paneer and Chicken Maharaja Mac. The McDonald’s Facebook posts and banners were used as platforms for the candidates to campaign for victory. In the end, the Royal Burger Duo emerges as the winner and they form the McDSenate, after which the campaign moves to stage two.

Two interesting aspects of this campaign are the Breaking News section and the Twitter campaign. The Breaking News section on the website provided readers with all the latest happenings in the McDElections campaign, like ‘McVeggie Burger calls for all Veggies to unite in a bid to fend off the Royale Challenge’ or ‘Royale Duo mobbed in Mumbai’.

The Twitter campaign drew inspiration from the action in the Lok Sabha Elections using #mcdelections tweets crafted around real life stories from the current elections.

The latest from McDonald’s India is the ‘Know Your Royale Burger’ contest to check how well the people know their Royale Burgers. There will be 40 lucky winners announced every day, who will be rewarded with Royale burger vouchers.

The McDonald’s India Twitter handle (@mcdonaldsindia) will also launch the ‘Right to Taste (RTT)’ and many more exciting competitions shortly.

rameet-aroraRameet Arora, Senior Director Marketing & Menu Management, McDonald’s India, said, “Capturing the mood of the customer and the buzz in the air is always a trick that elevates campaigns and gives them life. The McDElections campaign did just that! The Royale Burgers launch got a fitting platform through this highly engaging and interactive digital campaign.”

Venkat Mallik

Venkat Mallik

Venkat Mallik, President, RAPP India, said, “The McDElections campaign has provided us with a fantastic platform that helps us set up the food value of current and new Royale Burgers from McDonald’s mixed in with the spice that the election brings in. The wide cast of characters with seven candidates and many supporters have helped us build a property which can potentially go on for a really long time ahead. The campaign lends itself extremely well to all parts of the digital landscape and we have used Facebook, viral videos, YouTube, a microsite, Twitter and banners.”

Egg Filet-O-Fish McDChicken McDRoyale


Client: McDonald’s

Agency: RAPP India

Office Head: Venkat Mallik

Account Management: Devendra Dembla, Prashant Lodaya

Creative Copy: Steven Menezes, Uddhav Parab

Creative Art: Rakesh Gundla

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