rH3415 260x195 Meet The Avengers

While there are still a few roles that need to be cast, yesterday's report that actor Chris Evans will play Captain America provides one of the final pieces in a long-developing puzzle that, when completed, will bring together a host of Marvel Studios superheroes for "The Avengers."

Currently scheduled to hit theaters in May 2012, "The Avengers" will team Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Nick Fury against an unknown enemy (possibly The Hulk) that the heroes must unite to defeat. And though we're still not sure what form that enemy will take, Evans' casting as soldier-turned-superhero Steve Rogers now gives us a pretty good idea how Earth's Mightiest Heroes will look when they arrive on the big screen.

From familiar faces in new roles to unknown actors playing some of the world's most iconic characters, it's time to get to know your Avengers, folks.


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