In fact, Megan Fox is mostly known as the hottest bombshell of Hollywood, but still the star got parenthood on the brain.

Recently it was disclosed by Megan that she would like to expand her brood. The actress wants to have her family and she is not focused only on her career. But still she wants to have a place where she is able to spend her free time with her own family. But the actress admitted that if she is offered a great project, no doubts she will take it. But that does not mean that she is looking for something special.

Actually, Megan Fox is one of those people, who guard their private life. So she is not an adherent to do interview. It is explained by the fact, no matter the actress is saying during an interview, her words are turned into some ridiculous news story. It turned out that she was taken out of context very often for that reason she is afraid of speaking out.

It was also admitted by the actress that she feels to be responsible for things that are going on in the press.

It will be possible to see Megan on the big screen in “Johan Hex.”

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