Mel Gibson is shopping his first tell-all interview about his potentially career-ending relationship with Oksana Grigorieva.

As the first birthday of Mel and Oksana’s young daughter, Lucia, approaches, the scandal-plagued Gibson is hoping to revamp his troubled image one last time with a candid chat about his turbulent year in the headlines, tipsters tell

Earlier this year, Oksana filed for a restraining order claiming Mel had been violent. She alleged he punched her in the face, breaking her teeth. The allegations were followed by the release of a series of recordings, in which a man purported to be Mel, shouts obscene, racist taunts and admits striking Oksana. Mel was promptly dropped by his management agency William Morris Endeavor.

“Since the second the tapes were released, every media outlet has been contacting Mel’s people asking for an interview,” squeals the PopEater spy. “Now, after months of silence, Mel has finally realised if he doesn’t say something really soon it might be too late. The days of burying his head in the sand hoping this whole ugly mess goes away are over.”

It is not the first time Mel has given an interview following a potentially career-destroying incident. In 2006, the Oscar winner sat down with ABC’s Diane Sawyer after making anti-Semitic remarks during an arrest for DUI. The public response wasn’t what Mel had been hoping for — this time, he’s decided to spill his guts mano-a-mano with another man.

“Mel did an interview with Diane Sawyer after his anti-Semitic remarks several years ago, and that didn’t go so well for him,” a Gibson friend adds. “Now, with the stakes even higher, everyone thinks it would be better for a man to sit opposite another man to discuss everything that has been going on lately. I suppose the first choice would be Matt Lauer from the ‘Today’ show. It’s certainly not going to be Oprah after she almost got Oksana to tell all.”

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