All is not lovely in the Land of The Lezzies: Grammy Award-winning musician Melissa Etheridge is making her split with actress ex Tammy Lynn Michaels official. The rocker, 49, filed a Petition for Dissolution of Domestic Partnership in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday. In the petition, Etheridge cites the ever-popular irreconcilable differences for the split. Melissa also requests that Michaels — who stood by the star during her widely-publicized battle against breast cancer five years ago — not be rewarded spousal support.

Melissa is also asking for joint custody of their 3-year-old children.

The exes held a commitment ceremony in 2003 and registered a domestic partnership in August 2005. A year later, Michaels gave birth to twins from an anonymous sperm donor.

Tammy and Melissa announced their separation in April. The rocker later told Oprah the breakup was “sad,” but mutual. Tammy, on the other hand, claims she was callously ditched by Melissa after years of devotion and has been vocal about her disappointment over the split. Now the self-professed “Hollywood Farm Girl” is blogging about being “blindsided” by the timing of the dissolution of their domestic partnership.

“Gentle waves/ no noise for awhile/ or maybe gentle voices/and SMACK!!!!! FILE FOR DIVORCE!!!/ even though we both promised, agreed, handshook, pinkyswore/no filing until after tour/in the fall,” Michaels wrote in a piece of prose posted to her website on Saturday. “Her broken promises told to me by headlines….could you stop blind sighting me?/ Have a good concert.”

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